Bronze Practice and Qualifying Journey Combined

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Bronze Practice and Qualifying Journey Combined

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The Duke of Edinburgh Awards were created as a way for each participant to set individual goals for personal improvement and growth. As part of this award, there is an outdoor component for each of the three levels. A big part of what we do at Ridge Wilderness Adventures is getting people outside and empowered to achieve their personal goals. In saying this, the Duke of Edinburgh Award is a great fit, as it involves the outdoor empowerment and growth that we love to see. We offer adventures for all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, as well as Preliminary Training and Practice Journeys.

Journey's will be done in small canoes to ensure physical distancing. Participants will have their own cooking stations + equipment to use as well as their own paddling equipment for the duration of their trip. Proper handwashing procedures will be encouraged as usual.

ALL Journey's for June, July and August will be held at Stave Lake -- Leaving out of Kearsley Creek Campground

Hear what folks are saying!

We spend all our time guiding others and playing outside. We have hands on experience in Wilderness First Aid and crisis situations. This makes us ideally suited to teach this course.

If you are thinking of taking a First Aid course and you spend any time outside, this course will make you feel more prepared. It will give you the skills to deal with all those potential problems.

David Wooldridge, Owner
Ridge Wilderness Adventures