Advanced Wilderness First Aid

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Advanced Wilderness First Aid

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Advanced Wilderness First Aid - 40 hour


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This course is designed to prepare you to deal with someone for more than 24 hours. We teach a minimum of 75% of the course out side to create a realistic learning environment. This course has the Standard First Aid and CPR C with AED built into the course. So upon successful completion you will have these certificates built into your Wilderness First Aid certificate.

Like the WFA course, we add basic shelter construction that is not part of the certificate. Please note: the prerequisite for this program is the Wilderness First Aid course.

Contact us for information on how to properly book into this program.

Hear what folks are saying!

 I enjoyed the instant first aid training course and am happy that I was able to learn some useful skills to possibly save injured victims in future.
As an introduction of the program, I found the 2 hour lesson is a great way to get people interested in the course and motivated to consider taking the advance training course.  It's an interesting,educational and experiential program.

The place where we were is a great place to be, surrounded by peaceful environment with a campground, the river and parks, and even Fort Langley National National Historic Site near by.

Thanks again for providing us with the opportunity to learn!

Yasuhiko Yamamoto
JTB International (Canada) Ltd.