Moving Water Canoeing

If you have ever wanted to paddle on a river, our Moving Watercourses will give you the skills and confidence needed! A natural progression from Lake canoeing, this course opens up an entirely new set of locations to paddle. Whether you would like to come out to one of our Rivers Weeks or to just go paddling with some friends or with a local club, we would love to help you get there!

Rates & Information:

Courses are two days long.

From 9:00am to 4:00pm (approximately).

The location is dependent on water levels. Group rates are available.

Intro Moving Water Tandem and solo 

Price per person: Tandem: $349.95 plus tax

                               Solo: $375.95 plus tax

Location: Dependant on weather and water levels

Dates: Dates coming soon!


Basic/ Intro Tandem or Solo Lake skills (certificate or personal confidence in your skills)

Group bookings and Private lessons available. Contact us with your preferred dates! 

People that take this course:

  1. Want to learn to paddle on a river.
  2. Are going to paddle Bowron lakes and want to do the "Chute".
  3. Are looking for the natural progression from lake paddling.
  4. Want a little excitement!


Learn to paddle your canoe effectively and safely on a mild river (grade 1 to 1+)


  1. Eddy turns (safe section of the river, and how to get in and out of them)
  2. Ferrying (moving from one side of the river to the there)
  3. Running or paddling a river
  4. Utilize the river currents to move your canoe.
  5. Strokes: Review of lake strokes, river "J", stationary draws and pries.
  6. Rescues and throw bag usage.


  1. River paddles, river canoes, flotation equipment, river canoeing gear.
  2. Packing for a river trip.
  3. Trim and balance of a canoe.
  4. Map reading (how to anticipate what a river will be like from a map)


Paddle Canada Moving Water Canoe Skills Introduction Tandem

Paddle Canada Moving Water Canoe Skills Introduction Solo

Moving Water Maintenance Clinic 

Pre-Requisite Skills:

Moving Water Intro Tandem/ Solo Canoe Skills

Dates: Dates coming soon!

Pricing: $149. 95 plus tax per participant

This course is for you if you already have taken a Moving Water course and simply wish to refresh your skills! A great way to get out and practice in a fun, low-pressure environment! 

Talk to us about intermediate or solo levels of paddling!


604 477 4663

Moving Water Canoe Instructor Tandem/Solo


Moving Water Intermediate Tandem and Solo Canoe skills 


With permission of instructor-trainer, based on proof of prior learning of equivalent skill and knowledge. It is up to the paddler to prove to the instructor by means of evidence, demonstration or assessment hat experience has led to learning. It cannot be assumed that experience has led to learning.

Minimum Age: 18

First Aid and CPR: 16 hours

Typical Course Length: 4 days minimum (instructor foundation work on "How to be an Instructor" is done at this level)

Course Dates: Dates coming soon!

Location:  dependant on water level and weather.

Contact us for more information! 


Office: 604 477 4663

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Hear what folks are saying!

We spend all our time guiding others and playing outside. We have hands on experience in Wilderness First Aid and crisis situations. This makes us ideally suited to teach this course.

If you are thinking of taking a First Aid course and you spend any time outside, this course will make you feel more prepared. It will give you the skills to deal with all those potential problems.

David Wooldridge, Owner
Ridge Wilderness Adventures