Lake Water

Learn the paddle strokes that will help you move your canoe effectively, and gain the knowledge needed to progress in the art of canoeing lakes. Our instructors are Guides as well as canoe enthusiasts so you are assured a fantastic lesson!

A video of our Lake Water canoeing: Canoe Steering

Private Canoe Clinics

We offer private canoe clinics in all our paddling levels, please contact us at for information regarding these private clinics.

Scouts and Guides

We have special rates for Scouts and Guides. Please contact us at for information about these special rates

Basic Tandem 

Prices per person:

Basic Tandem $129.95 - 1-day course

Group Minimum 6


July 11, 2020

  • Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Location: Langley or Stave Lake ( dependant on weather) 

Group bookings and Private lessons available... contact us with your preferred dates! 


Learn to paddle your canoe effectively and safely with a partner or solo.

People that take this course:

  1. Paddling for years with no training
  2. Never been in a canoe before
  3. Just bought a canoe and want to paddle it well.


  1. Paddling in a straight line, turns, docking, beaching, and most importantly - keep upright!
  2. Strokes: Forward, Reverse, "J" , Sweep, Draw, and Pry
  3. What to do if your canoe goes over: T rescue or called Canoe over Canoe.

Canoe Rescue Video

(Tipping is not required unless you require the certificate)


  1. Paddles, styles of paddles and sizing, PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices (life jacket)) and sizing, dry equipment and what you need to bring for safety paddling
  2. We touch on packing for a trip, and how to work together
  3. Trim and balance of a canoe.


Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Skills Introduction Tandem

Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Skills Introduction Solo

Lake Canoe Skills Maintenance Clinic 

This course is for you if you already have taken a Lake Canoe Skills course and simply wish to refresh your skills! A great way to get out and practice in a fun, low-pressure environment! 

Talk to us about intermediate or solo levels of paddling!

604 477 4663

Dates: March 18, 2020

Pricing: $149.95 plus tax per participant

Times: 9 am -4pm 

Location: Langley

Lake Canoe Instructor Tandem 


Intermediate Lake Tandem Skills or equivalent skills as evaluated by the instructor trainer.

Lake Tandem Instructor Program Solo Requirement: Tandem Instructors must have the ability to safely manoeuvre a tandem canoe solo in a controlled manner demonstrating basic solo manoeuvers (such as forward straight lines, sideslips, pivots and turns) toward and away from their paddling side in a tandem canoe. 

Typical Course Length: 4 days

Lake Canoe Instructor intermediate tandem 


The instructor is able to teach Lake Canoe Intermediate and Introduction Tandem courses and assist on Lake Canoe Skills & Instructor Advanced Tandem.


Lake Intro Instructor or Advanced Lake Tandem Skills or Equivalent Skills as evaluated by the Instructor Trainer

Typical Course Length: 4 days

Dates: Coming soon! 

Private Lessons available... Contact us for more details!

604 477 4663

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Hear what folks are saying!

 I enjoyed the instant first aid training course and am happy that I was able to learn some useful skills to possibly save injured victims in future.
As an introduction of the program, I found the 2 hour lesson is a great way to get people interested in the course and motivated to consider taking the advance training course.  It's an interesting,educational and experiential program.

The place where we were is a great place to be, surrounded by peaceful environment with a campground, the river and parks, and even Fort Langley National National Historic Site near by.

Thanks again for providing us with the opportunity to learn!

Yasuhiko Yamamoto
JTB International (Canada) Ltd.