Big Canoeing

Whether you are taking out novices, paddling on an amazing cultural journey, or would just love to be part of these amazing vessels, we offer five programs that will get you there.

Leading Canada's Big Canoe Instruction, David Wooldridge, owner of Ridge Wilderness Adventures, was asked by Paddle Canada to create a national program. Since 2008 he has traveled around the country sharing this program. Today, we have taken out over 70,000 people in our Big Canoes. Learning how to paddle these big, beautiful canoes is a unique skill which will connect you to Canada's rich history and also ensure future adventures for yourself and those who come aboard your Big Canoe.

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Canoe Journeys

A Canoe Journey is simply a group of people paddling together for a common cause. And there is nothing like being on the water with 30 to Three Hundred people paddling Canoes for a common cause! Ridge Wilderness Adventures has been truly lucky to paddle in, lead and create over 20 journeys. We have 16, 25 foot North Canoes (voyageurs) and have expert experience paddling 20-42 foot Coastal and Birch Bark Canoes all over Canada.

How we can help

  • Create a Journey specifically for your group
  • Assist with the planning of an existing Journey
  • Train Skippers and Pullers

Journey Components you can include

  • Lake, river, or ocean waters
  • 20 - 400 people
  • Our canoes or yours
  • Food or help you organize your own
  • Transportation needs
  • Safety Vessels (if needed)
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Locations anywhere in BC and Alberta

Why Ridge Wilderness Adventures?

  • The National Paddling Community approached us to create Canada's Big Canoe Program
  • We have taken over 25,000 people out in our canoes
  • We test all new Clipper Canoes (the lead Big Canoe designer and manufacturer in the world) Big Canoes for the Clipper company.
  • It's what we do!

The Journeys we have and are involved in

  • Salmon Are Sacred Canoe Journey
  • Pulling Together Journeys
  • Awakening the Spirit Canoe Journeys
  • Red Fish School of Changes
  • Sustainable Living Leadership Program
  • Teen Journey
  • Ridge Wilderness Adventures Journeys

Please contact us for more info, We hope to get on the water with you soon!

Group courses:  minimum of 6 participants.

Puller (Big Canoe Skills Introduction)

  • Price per person: $149.95
  • Time: 1.5 days
  • Location: Lower Mainland Dependent on weather and water levels. 

2018 Dates: May 5-6 2018 


To introduce novices to the Big Canoe, specifically to the middle and bow positions.

To introduce the basic strokes:

Forward, reverse, check/stop, Drop Skeg* and low brace to safely assist with propelling the canoe forward. backing up, stopping and docking the canoe. 
Participants will rotate through the middle, and bow position in a Big Canoe with a Big Canoe Instructor or a Big Canoe Leader in the stern.
   *Drop Skeg stroke created and coined by Dave Wooldridge.

No prior experience required

Skipper (Big Canoe Skills Intermediate)

  • Price per person: $259.95
  • Time: 2 days
  • Location:  Lower Mainland: Dependent on weather and water levels. 

2018 Dates:

May 5-6 2018 


Learn to lead a big canoe with a novice crew.


Basic Tandem

People that take this course:

  1. Canoe Guide
  2. Summer Camp Staff
  3. Journeys
  4. Brigades
  5. Clubs


  1. Paddling in a straight line, turns, docking, with and without the help of your crew
  2. Crew commands and leading skills
  3. Rescue


  1. Big Canoe Safety
  2. Paddling with other Big Canoes
  3. What to expect from novice paddlers
  4. We touch on packing for a trip, trim and balance of a canoe, how to work together.

Coastal/River Big canoe skills

  • Price per person: $349.95
  • Time: 3 days
  • Location: Group dependent
  • Dates:
    • Contact us! We love to travel for courses and would be happy to come to you!:) 


Learn to lead a Big Canoe in Coastal and Ocean environments.

People that take this course

  1. People that want to join Ocean Big Canoe Journeys
  2. People that would like to paddle on the Ocean in their Big Canoes.


  1. Paddling in wind, waves, and weather
  2. Paddling in currents and utilizing their effects to our advantage
  3. Working with your crew in adverse conditions
  4. Rescues in Coastal environments.

(Tipping is not required unless you require the certificate)


  1. Nautical chart reading and safe route planning
  2. Current and tide predictions
  3. Trim and balance on the Ocean
  4. Ocean going canoe design

*All participants will receive nautical charts of the area that we paddle in.


Paddle Canada certificate: Big Canoe Skills with Ocean/River Endorsement

Big Canoe Video

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Office: 604 477 4663

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Hear what folks are saying!

 I just wanted to let you know that not only did we have great weather yesterday, but we also had a wonderful canoeing experience.

First, I would like to thank you for all your time and efforts with the organization of the trip and for answering all of my questions. Secondly, I want you to know that your staff were awesome. Adam handled the large group well, he was great with the kids. The remaining staff were just as awesome. They were all fun and entertaining, and I know that all the kids had a great time. The parent volunteers were just as impressed with your staff as I was. We couldn't have asked for a better group and experience.

It was great working with you. I am thinking this might be a yearly event for my class.

Thanks again,


Maggie Flynn- teacher