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The Yes life

December 4th, 2015 | by Kayla Hoogenraad | in |    0   


Aside from being gorgeous and Pinterest worthy... I love this quote for so many reasons, Moving across the country to join the Ridge team was the best YES decision I've ever made and walking through that door has led to countless other exciting doors in front of me.

In a glorious moment of courage/insanity this week...I signed up for a 50km trail running race, and couldn't wait to hit the trails of Fort Langley for my first training run this morning. Unfortunately, being the winter time, it was dark, windy and wet. Dave, being the spectacular and caring boss he is, called before teaching first aid to gleefully let me know  just how hard it was raining :)

My "epic training run"  was 5 beautiful moments of " I'm an Olympian" to 20 min of why did I do this...

Which brings me to the thought of the day... while pounding out the miles in the pouring rain, I had plenty of time for reflection. "Why did I say yes to that 50km race?" I could've been back in my bed, warm and dry, still asleep... not facing countless more early mornings just like this!

But saying no to a challenge is not in my nature, and it's definitely not how I want to live my life. I don't say yes to everything...leaving me emotionally, physically and mentally depleted... but I do want to say yes to things that I'm passionate about, that challenge me...maybe even scare me a bit! It's exciting to see what can happen when you attempt things you don't even think are possible.

Of the many lessons I've learned at Ridge, this has been a fun one. If you had told me a year ago, I'd be driving this one day... I would've laughed! ( People did!) :)


Here at Ridge, we all love what we do, and we love sharing it with people. Nothing can replace a sunny days paddle with a highspirited group who have gone from never touching a paddle to paddling perfectly in sync, while singing!   Or the kids who have never cooked anything past instant noodles, make the perfect pancake and turn to you with a beaming smile, so incredibly proud of themselves.

I've watched a group of highschool students become friends around a campfire as they shared stories and worked together to keep morale high despite the cold and rainy weather. They were there because they said yes to a camping trip that ended up being an adventure of epic proportions.... and loved it! Seeing those kids walk a little taller, stronger, and more confident afterwards from experiencing new and challenging things... that's what Ridge is all about.

Say yes, and give it your best shot. You'd be surprised at what you're capable of :)


Hear what folks are saying!

 I enjoyed the instant first aid training course and am happy that I was able to learn some useful skills to possibly save injured victims in future.
As an introduction of the program, I found the 2 hour lesson is a great way to get people interested in the course and motivated to consider taking the advance training course.  It's an interesting,educational and experiential program.

The place where we were is a great place to be, surrounded by peaceful environment with a campground, the river and parks, and even Fort Langley National National Historic Site near by.

Thanks again for providing us with the opportunity to learn!

Yasuhiko Yamamoto
JTB International (Canada) Ltd.