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Paddle Fun at Paddlefest!

December 5th, 2014 | by Kayla Hoogenraad | in |    0   

Ridge Wilderness was proud to represent canoeing at MEC’s Paddlefest last Sunday. We went to share how dynamic a canoe is and how a canoe can be used as a mode of self-expression. To see how, let’s review exhibits A to F.

MEC's PaddlefestExhibit A: Adorable. The boys finally getting along and going in for a “canoe cuddle”

MEC's PaddlefestExhibit B: Never mind

MEC's PaddlefestExhibit C: Dave clearly enjoying paddling “ducky style”

MEC's PaddlefestExhibit D: Gareth showing off.

MEC's PaddlefestExhibit E: Never Mind

MEC's PaddlefestExhibit F: Beth showing the boys some style, while Gareth plays his paddle like a banjo.

So as you can see, the canoe is not just a vessel for traversing water - it can be whatever you want it to be. At Ridge Wilderness we are big believers that “play” does not expire once adulthood is reached. The canoe is where we allow our imaginations to run wild and free – where we like to play and get our sillies out! Come join us some time!

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