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December 3rd, 2015 | by Kayla Hoogenraad | in |    0   

Where to start? The Ridge blog has long been dormant, as our fearless and intrepid leader, writer and paddler extraordinaire Dave, has been kept increasingly busy running a growing business, flying all over the world teaching canoeing and first aid....and drinking alot of tea. (For those of you who don't know this about Dave, tea is his 3rd love, after his family and canoeing of course)
 If you ever see a very tall man paddling with one hand holding a tea mug in the other...it's probably Dave:))

With Dave being superman all over the globe, it has now become my pleasure to blog about the exciting adventures happening here at Ridge Wilderness Adventures!

I'm the office manager and part-time canoe guide... formerly from Ontario, a wanna-be marathoner, coffee drinker and jane-of-all-trades here at Ridge. Occasionally my day looks like this:


Or, on the average day, like this:


Obviously it's a pretty sweet life over here at Ridge Wilderness Adventures!:)

As brevity is a wonderful thing...I will keep this short and sweet and leave you with one of my favorite videos...at Ridge, every day outside is a great day:)

Happy Thursday everyone, and Get Outside for some Nature Rx this weekend!


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Thanks for a great day Dave! Scotty enjoyed his day (on the river) and he is better prepared for his upcoming trip. It was great to meet you. I would love to connect again....